Why you should learn from a distance, like me!


When I graduated with my undergraduate degree and fell into the job I had worked so hard to achieve, I didn’t think I’d have the time (or energy!) to study for a Masters. 

That was until I learned about SOAS’s online and distance learning courses, which meant I could study wherever I was living and working, on my own watch.

Why I chose distance learning

Having completed a year in industry working full-time during my undergraduate degree, I was eager to start working as soon as possible, once I graduated. However, it wasn’t long until I started to miss studying and learning, and I had always had ambitions of completing a Masters, and developing my knowledge further in my chosen discipline. My online and distance learning course with SOAS has allowed me to do just that.

Taking control of my studies

Studying part-time and online with SOAS has enabled me to take control of my own studies. I fit my assignments, reading, research and other university commitments around my hectic day-to-day schedule. The online and distance learning degree has enabled me to advance my career and continue learning about a topic I’m passionate about, at my own pace, whilst still fitting in my own life, work and social commitments.

Getting used to distance learning

Now, don’t get me wrong, studying online has taken some getting used to – despite it becoming ‘the norm’ over the past year and a half. I miss the buzz of a university campus, late nights in the library fuelled by caffeine and the manic morning rush to get to 9am lectures.

Having said that, my distance learning degree has suited me perfectly since I started working full-time. The virtual learning environment (VLE) allows me access to all the possible learning materials and resources I could need in one place. Plus, I can also engage and connect with fellow students who are in similar situations to me, also studying from a distance.

My part-time, online and distance learning degree works for me, and it could work for you too! Check out the courses and programmes available and see what SOAS has to offer.

Rachael Woodroffe is a SOAS Digital Ambassador currently studying a distant learning online Masters in Global Corporations and Policy. Rachael lives in the South West of England and works full-time in Corporate Affairs alongside her studies.

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