Where do SOASians stand on Brexit?

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The first episode of SOAS’s new debate series #EyetoEye centred around the relatively uncontroversial topics of race and identity.

This week, almost two years to the day that the UK invoked Article 50, a fresh batch of SOASians came together to take on, you guessed it, Brexit. And the opinions were mixed to say the least.

So what did they have to say?

On a second referendum

The issue here is then you are setting a very dangerous precedent.


If we don’t have a second referendum, than what is the solution to this?


Crash out of it.


The change needs to be in the structure of the campaign.

Should the media be regulated to prevent fake news?

People tend to want to blame the media because it’s an easy thing to blame.


I don’t think it’s right to shut down avenues of opinion.


Doesn’t it bother you guys to have State interference into press?


If having the press say lies to the people is Freedom of Speech than I don’t want a part in it.

On Britain controlling all immigration across its borders

It’s a really reasonable request for a sovereign nation to make.


It’s anti-democratic to strip a nation of its power to control levels of immigration.


You vote in EU representatives.


Obviously you’re going to give up some of your sovereignty over a common project.


It’s not immigration that’s the problem but it’s such an easy scapegoat.


Watch the Brexit debate in full below.

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