Working at the Civil Service: The Fast Stream

Blowing bubbles - an economist considers what job to do

Ranya Alakraa (BSc Development Economics, 2016):

I am now working as an Assistant Economist in the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. As part of the Fast Stream I get to rotate after a year to another department, it’s a great opportunity to see how government works from the inside, and how Economics is so crucial to every step of the policy process.  I love my job and I can see a really clear future for myself here.


Applying for the Summer Diversity Internship for the Civil Service

Flashback to Summer 2015

It was the end of the summer after our 2nd year at uni, our third and final year was in sight, until this point I had never thought about my career. My friend called me and informed me grad scheme applications were opening soon. We dialled in a few other friends and in the middle of this four-way conversation the panic set in. What were we doing with our futures?

We all met the very next day in SOAS to figure out our life-plans; we climbed up to the Career’s Office and collected every possible leaflet or brochure on grad schemes, jobs, internships, CV and cover letter writing. By the end of this we were all a little overwhelmed. We went back to the JCR and started sifting through all these papers, circling and highlighting things which appealed to us.

Then a friend asked Ranya where she saw herself in the future, what would be her ideal job? When she replied ‘… working in policy somewhere in the government, with a focus on economic development’, he suggested she apply for the Summer Diversity Internship for the Civil Service (Fast Stream).

…and so I did!  It was a rigorous application process, but doing it so early on in the year meant that I already had a job offer before the New Year and I could focus fully on revision and those final essays in the Spring term.

Source:  Careers Student Insight blog series (21 June 2017):

Working at the Civil Service:  Ranya Alakraa, BSc Development Economics (graduated 2016) explores her journey from SOAS to the Civil Service Fast Stream. 

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