Undergraduate Law Prize Winners

Law prize award winners

SOAS University of London celebrates the high achievements of this year’s undergraduate prize winners from its School of Law.

The School of Law at SOAS has unrivalled expertise in comparative law (China, Africa, South and South East Asia, and the Middle East), complemented by specialists in international and transnational law, human rights, transnational commercial law, environmental law and socio-legal method.

As well as offering an LLB Law Single Honours degree and a BA Law and… Combined Honours Degree, SOAS offers a Senior Status LLB.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements of a Qualifying Law Degree (QLD), the SOAS Senior Status LLB also provides students with an overview of legal systems in Africa and Asia, creating a truly global qualification.

The SOAS Law Degree aims to produce highly skilled, civic minded and critically engaged graduates, who can contribute to their communities and societies in myriad ways.

In the first year of their course, SOAS students are introduced to the core elements and principles of the English legal system, and provided with the key analytical skills necessary for undertaking a demanding law degree program. During this first year students will also be introduced to elements of legal principle and practice from other countries.

However, in the second year, SOAS students can choose from a wide array of optional courses that draw on the unique research expertise of SOAS staff. The emphasis that is placed on choice, and research-led teaching, allows students to pursue a number of distinct specialisms as their degree progresses.

In an increasingly globalised and interconnected world, the SOAS law degree truly responds to the needs of a new generation of law students.

The SOAS degree provides students with a wide range of analytical and transferable skills. The degree structure provides students with a QLD for the purposes of both the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Bar Standards Board.

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