The 5 emojis that represent SOAS

Emoji day

Citizens of the world face a tough decision today – which international day should they devote themselves to celebrating, World Day for International Justice, or World Emoji Day?

While in all seriousness, I’m sure we know deep down where we should be directing our attention, there’s no better time to have a good long think about the important role emojis play in all of our lives.

Why worry over how many ‘ha’s to send in response to a funny meme when you have the laughing crying emoji at your disposal?

Why use words to tell your friends what you’re up to when there’s a corresponding emoji for almost every recreational activity?

And (my personal favourite), why tell your sibling you’re in a mood with them when the new moon emoji is packed with all the sass you need?

Most of my acquaintances have an emoji that is unmistakably ‘them’, which got me thinking – if SOAS were an emoji, what would it be?

Here are the top 5 contenders.

The Student Emoji







Okay, not the most inspired, but you have to start somewhere. The archetypal student emoji represents the scholarly prowess of SOAS and its students. The obvious downside is that this image could be representative of any university student or middle-England teacher.

The Deciduous Tree Emoji

It may not be as replete with symbolism as the SOAS tree, whose ten leaves are representative of the School’s regions of expertise, but the humble deciduous emoji is an acceptable stand-in. It also exemplifies the vegan and environmentally friendly kudos of the campus.

The Books Emoji

Let’s face it, we’re here for our education most of all, and where better to do it than the SOAS Library? The Library actually hosts 1.3 million volumes, but difficult to represent that sort of scale in a tiny picture.

The Aeroplane Emoji

Combine the plethora of languages spoken on campus and in London with the global outlook of our courses and it’s no surprise that many SOAS students love to travel. From fieldwork to full on vacations, SOASians are keen to explore the world around them.

The Ferris Wheel Emoji

Would you believe that in 2019 there are still no London landmark emojis? Hence I have been forced to use my initiative and find the closest thing: if you squint and imagine this on the side of the Thames, it looks exactly like the London Eye. SOAS’ central London campus is a stone’s throw from landmarks like the British Museum, the British Library and Oxford Street.

So there you have it, line these up and you’ve got the essence of the SOAS experience in  portable digital form. Which do you think best describes SOAS?

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