3 ways you can take action and get involved in Human Rights Day


Today marks Human Rights Day, which is celebrated annually around the world.  The date honours the anniversary of the United Nation General Assembly’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10th December 1948.

The day itself is celebrated to raise awareness for people’s social, cultural and physical rights and to encourage nations around the world to create equal opportunities for everyone, while addressing the issues of inequality, exclusion and discrimination.

Everyone can promote and defend human rights – and when better to do so than on Human Rights Day? Here are three ways you can take action and get involved!


Promoting and raising aware of the importance of human rights is one way to get involved, and you can do this however you want. There are plenty of ways to do so:

  • Read and share the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on your social media channels.
  • Encourage senior leaders around you to publicly stress the importance of human rights at your workplace

There are plenty more ways you can promote and protect Human Rights, see here for more ideas.


Human rights can be a complex issue, and it’s not often something you’re taught about in school. Nevertheless, it’s important. By educating yourself on the issue of human rights you are more likely to become an advocate for it!

Check out the United Nations website which hosts a lot of information on human rights from the latest developments around the world in the media centre to a list of important human rights issues to be aware of


The final way you can get involved is by speaking up and speaking out on the topic of human rights. Expressing your commitment to the promotion of human rights involves calling out when another person’s rights are at risk or under attack, and calling on leaders to uphold human rights. An easy way to do this is by signing the pledge to respect everybody’s entitled rights.

Share these three tips online and let us know how you’re getting involved this Human Rights Day.

Rachael Woodroffe is a SOAS Digital Ambassador currently studying a distant learning online Masters in Global Corporations and Policy. Rachael lives in the South West of England and works full-time in Corporate Affairs alongside her studies.

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