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Person typing on laptop
Life at SOAS
Imogen Ashfield

Write for the SOAS Blog!

The SOAS blog is a place for students, alumni and academics to share their SOAS experiences and weigh in on some of the most important issues in the world today.

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Art Breath - art and human rights image
Politics and International Studies
Andrew Osmond

Art and Human Rights

Art Breath founder Nour Saleh shows how the arts can convey powerful messages about identity and politics.

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Linguistics: 'The Conversation' (c) Bernard Spragg

Linguistics: An Introductory Reading List

“I recommend acquainting yourself early on with some of the major controversies in the field of linguistics…then… investigate two of the most fascinating questions in language: why do languages change, and how does the language you speak influence the way you think?”

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