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– Written by Isabel Langdale (Graduate Internship Programme):

Are you looking to gain crucial expertise in order to further develop your career? Are you looking for academic insight and enrichment in a subject you find stimulating? Are you interested in undertaking a degree at SOAS and would like a taste of SOAS life?

SOAS Academic Summer School welcomes those who can answer yes to any or all of these questions.

This summer we are offering a three-week intensive academic experience in the heart of London. Teaching comprises 46 contact hours including lectures, tutorials and course related activities.  Immerse yourself in your subject of interest; interact with similarly engaged students from all over the world; all within the vibrant, academic, literary, artistic SOAS community.

The courses available for 2018 provide academically rigorous engagement with some of the most demanding questions of our time.

Our lecturers critically interrogate their respective disciplines by ensuring that the epicentre of their studies is not the West. Throughout your three weeks at SOAS you will be asked to stretch, challenge and develop your skills of critical analysis. The intensive academic format will enable you to deepen your subject knowledge and/or regional area of choice.

Students on the 2017 Rebels and Radicals walking tour, part of the SOAS Summer School 2017
‘Rebels and Radicals walking tour 2017’

It was the best teaching I’ve ever experienced. I was so very impressed and really inspired.

Olivia, Development and Conflict


“The benefit I got from the International Law: Contemporary Issues course highly exceeded my expectations. SOAS is academic paradise”

Valentina Lamberg, International Law Contemporary Issues


“I found my classes extremely stimulating and found the teachers to be very qualified, as they all had previous professional experience in the fields they were teaching.”

 Owen Keeley, Finance & Risk Management


We recognise that learning does not only take place in the classroom. Throughout your chosen summer school course, there will be a variety of activities which you will also attend.

In the past we have enjoyed: a rebels and radicals walking tour of London, for the ‘NGO’s and Social Movements’ course; a tour of an exhibition of Saudi Women artists in the Mosaic rooms for ‘Gender, Conflict & the Middle East’; and a visit to the Bank of England for ‘Finance and Risk management’, among many others. In doing so, we draw on the incredibly rich resources available to us in London, to provide you with a deep and engaging learning experience.

Further information:

You can find a full list of courses on the Summer School website or in the Summer School brochure

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