Student Profile: Koko, BA Law (LLB)

1200 koko


I am currently in my second year studying BA Law (LLB). SOAS isn’t about just producing another bunch of corporate lawyers. Typically law students are told ‘’this is the law, there is nothing you can do, accept it and learn it, you’re doing this because you need to pay your rent some day’’. Rather we are taught that law is a product of society and hence also a tool enabling us to actually change something. I have just been reading Islamic Law ‘’Gender Issues and Contemporary Quran Interpretations’’. Only SOAS makes you read this!

SOAS is a big family, so much love, love, love. You’re never lonely at SOAS, and when you think no one cares about you, about us or even the extinction of orangutans in Malaysia’s burning forests just for Nestle to produce more palm oil for its Kitkats to be binned, there’s always someone at SOAS that genuinely does. SOAS makes you feel like your existence matters.

I am passionate about children’s rights. Children being the most vulnerable in our society, experiencing verbal, physical abuse, starving, being tortured, dying. They suffer the most from ‘’intimate terrorism’’ of not being given a collective voice, as they cannot even protest/stand up for their rights, they can only rely on well-meaning adults for aid. Which I find very depressing because these beautiful small entities may all be capable of growing up stopping global warming, curing cancer, sharing their positive and creative energy with us.

I’m also passionate about tackling gender roles within POC (person of colour) communities arising from many overlapping elements making us feel that our sexuality/gender issues are too complex to understand, i.e. floating in another sphere that is minor to our main worry of getting a well paid job; making our mums proud etc.. I think that is a very complex subject influenced by so many aspects as postwar mental health issues in diaspora communities, classism, colourism, racism, being hairy, growing up in a dysfunctional family, often demotivating attempts to change, accumulating in resignation. After having spent almost all of first year in the JCR ranting with other POC’s about how the emotional labour of our gender struggles are spinning out our energy affecting our studies and eventually our chances of getting that first, the internship, job of our dreams, making the world a better place, I eventually then joined the FemSoc.

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