Student Profile: Imogen Kropf, BA Anthropology

Imogen Annabel Cooper Kropf
Imogen Annabel Cooper Kropf

I am currently in my first year, studying a BA in Social Anthropology, but took a couple of years out before starting university.

What I enjoy most about studying at SOAS is the people. I’ve find myself talking to all types of people from students to staff, which ends up creating this fantastically open, diverse environment that just buzzes. I’m already having conversations that challenge me and I love that.

Social Anthropology encompasses so much. The more I learn, not just about specific research or anthropological ideas but also about their critiques, the more I question how I see the world. As a subject it just seems to have no boundaries, there is so much room to explore

I truly believe that art is a very powerful practice, and that its not given enough credit for what it can and has achieved. Whatever medium I work in, I can get completely lost in the process. I’m passionate about trying to find the spaces where art can really mean something to anyone.

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