Student Profile: Fatima Haji, BA English

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I am currently in my third year, studying BA English. My favourite part of studying the programme I think is the fact that we stray away from simply studying the literary canon, which is pretty exciting!

There’s so much scope for expansion in English at SOAS; we’re constantly exploring world literatures, weaving in intertextuality and incorporating a number of different disciplines on the course. I love having that freedom to bring in my own interests and perspectives to make the programme my own.

What I enjoy most about studying at SOAS is definitely the atmosphere! I feel like SOAS really encapsulates a potential for growth that you don’t always see at many other institutions. You find that atmosphere in the student community, who are always welcoming and pushing for improvement, and that push for progression is also evident on the academic side. Studying at a university that is constantly encouraging you to open your mind and develop is invaluable.

I’m most passionate about creative writing and film! I’m currently President of the Filmmaking Society at SOAS, so running a collective focused on cinematic expression and the fostering of creativity is just wonderful. I love translating my passions through directing and screenwriting; there’s something truly incredible about bringing new life to old words and conveying them on screen.

It’s not always an easy process; you’re constantly revising and editing and searching for that intuitive next step. But, by the end of it, you find yourself with an experimental medium to emotionally connect with audiences. There’s nothing more rewarding than being able to tell your story in a way that resonates with your viewers. It’s a fascinating, imaginative process, and it’s limitless.

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