Student entrepreneurs at City Hall

Mayor's Entrepreneur Competition

Bareera Ahmed is a second-year undergraduate studying BA International Relations and Economics at SOAS University of London.  She is one of twenty interns who have been selected to work on the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition at City Hall.

The Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition

The competition is open to all current or recent graduates from a London university or college.

The premise of the Competition is to come up with an idea that can make London a better place to live and work, and the successful applicant has the chance to win £20K to see their idea put into practice.

The application deadline is 18 February 2018, so there is not a minute to lose to come up with a great idea.

Mayor's Entrepreneur Competition
Bareera Ahmed

Bareera spoke to us about her experiences working at City Hall so far:

How did you learn about the internship at City Hall?

I saw an advert on the SOAS Careers website.  I didn’t expect to get the place, but the next thing I knew I had applied, got an interview, and then got the job!

What does the work involve?

I am helping to promote the Mayor’s Entrepreneur Competition.  The idea is to take students from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences to act as ambassadors to improve sustainable living in London.  It is exactly the kind of thing I am keen to do.  As an intern, I get to communicate between universities and City Hall, and my job is to bring awareness about the competition to as many current students and staff as possible, whether through Students’ Union emails, posters, or speaking at lectures.

How does the work fit in with your studies?

The hours of work are designed to be student-friendly, so there is time to balance studies and my work at City Hall.  I am involved with helping students through all stages of their application process in the Competition.  I confer with my fellow interns via a WhatsApp group, and then I report back to my managers at City Hall.

Boris or Sadiq?

My main memory of Boris is stuck mid-air on a zip-wire, but I was not so interested in politics at that time.

With Sadiq, I see his influence everywhere.  He seems passionate about environmental issues; with reducing pollution in London; the housing crisis; and, of course, Brexit; which tie in with my own concerns.

He seems extremely busy: I follow his Facebook page and it is constantly changing from morning to evening with all his activities.

Is this a career path that you see for yourself?

The job description is almost too good to be true!  I hope to go on to do some kind of further study but, ultimately, I would like to be involved in a career to do with climate change policy and the environment.

What is so good about the internship at City Hall is that it is more than just doing a job.  I am promoting a cause that I feel passionate about, and it is giving me the opportunity to make a difference in a field of work that really matters.

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