Who are our Student Ambassadors? Meet Sohilla Shubana

Student Ambassador - Life at SOAS

 What does a Student Ambassador do?

Working as Student Ambassador is a simple but fun job. Your main job is to welcome students, and to answer any pressing questions that they may have about SOAS. Your duties may also include leading Campus, Local Area or Accommodation tours, or taking part in ‘Student Experience’ panels, or working at registration to ensure that the day runs as smoothly as possible!

Does it take up a lot of your time?

Not at all, because it’s based at the university so you don’t waste time by commuting to the job. Plus, they’re incredibly flexible with the work. They simply email out the opportunities available for that period of time and it’s up to you to respond and choose what shifts you want to do.

How do you measure success?

A lot of the prospective students that come to the Open Days or Insight Days at SOAS are really undecided about which university to choose and are not sure about how to make these decisions. But, by helping them by simply answering questions, giving them an honest insight into the life at SOAS usually gives them a clearer idea of what to expect, and they leave the Open Day with a better idea of what decision they’re going to make. The time between college and university is a stressful part of everyone’s lives, so anything to help to make it easier for others is a success.

How have you benefited from becoming a Student Ambassador?

It’s good to be Student Ambassador because you get to meet so many new people, whether it be the Ambassadors that you are working with, the managers or the prospective students. It also really built up my confidence skills, and this was really good for me as it is a transferable skill which came useful when going to interviews or working part time in a retail store.

How is it beneficial to other students?

You gain so many skills by being Student Ambassador, and working for the university is bound to make your CV better too – its an opportunity I would encourage everyone to take.

How does it help with your leadership skills?

It most definitely helps with leadership skills, you have to lead up to 15 people at a time on an accommodation tour or campus tour, which at first seemed really daunting, but is now something I can do confidently.

Why did you choose SOAS?

It was an easy decision for me – the culture and environment at SOAS appealed to me greatly. When I came to the Open Day I could envision myself studying here right away. Also the nature of the course and the flexibility of the modules made it perfect for me!

What makes you tick?

I’m a motivated individual in general, but right now what specifically motivates me is the opportunity to stay in London and work. After studying here for 3 years, I have grown fond of the city and will work as hard as possible to make sure I can stay here.

Who are your role models?

That’s easy: my parents, 100%.

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