SOAS has its own K-Pop dance group

K-Pop dance - Life at SOAS

What’s the group all about?

Musetta is the K-Pop Dance Cover Society here at SOAS! We aim to bring a greater awareness of K-Pop Dance to the SOAS community through dance workshops. These workshops are always free, held at SOAS, and open to anyone and all levels of dance experience! We perform in K-Pop Dance Competitions here in London, and we also have a YouTube channel where we post all of our full dance covers!

How long does it take you typically to learn a new dance cover?

We have weekly rehearsals held at SOAS, and then a dress rehearsal done in a dance studio, and finally the filming day! All together this process usually takes around a month.

Can anyone get involved?

Our K-Pop Dance Workshops are open to everybody no matter your K-Pop knowledge or dance experience! SOAS students can audition to be in the Dance Cover Unit, which is a slightly accelerated dance crew. This Dance Cover Unit is in charge of all the full dance covers that go up on YouTube.

Where can people see your stuff?

We mainly operate on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page!
Check out one of their great sequences in the video below:

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