Congratulations, you’re a SOAS graduate! What’s next?

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So, you’ve graduated from SOAS, but what’s next? Get more work experience? Postgraduate study? You may not have thought about your next steps and that is OK, chances are a lot of your peers haven’t either.

University graduates usually have a wide range of choices to contemplate, and it’s important to make a well-thought-out decision. There are various routes to take after university, so if you are in the deciding stage and thinking of what to do next, the SOAS Careers Team has put together some tips to help you with your next move.

Apply for a Graduate job

Graduation can mean the end of an era, or as we prefer to say, the beginning of a great journey. Many graduates look for a job and that is where the SOAS Careers Service can help. As a SOAS alum, you’ll have access to the Careers Service for life.

We offer appointments covering a wide range of topics. These include CV and application advice, practice interviews, and cover letter reviews. CareersZONE, the university’s careers platform, has many employment opportunities, ranging from full-time, volunteer, and graduate positions.

Become a mentor

Pay it forward! Being a mentor helps you to grow your network and develop your mentoring and coaching skills. It is an opportunity to increase your confidence and strengthen your knowledge in your chosen subject area. This could help you develop new relationships, leading to additional opportunities and insights.

Mentoring students

It also supports your growth and helps another person to expand their professional or personal development. You can help someone set goals, identify any gaps in generic skills and confidence and maintain their accountability.

Being a mentee

Find out what SOAS graduates are doing now, by registering with SOAS Connect, an online community exclusively for SOAS alumni and students. Here you can share contact and career details, expand your professional network and find an alumni mentor.

A mentor will offer encouragement, be willing to listen, and serve as a trusted ally. You can also receive constructive feedback and hear about the personal experiences that led your mentor to their chosen career path. Getting help in working on your long and short-term goals is another benefit of having a mentor.

Explore a different industry

Post-COVID, you may have been wondering how to find a job. Sectors that have seen some growth include retail, healthcare, and digital media. This could be a good time to research other industries which are also thriving. Securing a job in one of the least expected sectors may be competitive but it can be worth a try if you are considering your next steps.

Check out our Career Discovery feed on CareersZONE or book a guidance appointment with one of our Careers Practitioners, who could assist you in discovering what else is available for you.

Further study

You may be considering studying for a Master’s for a number of reasons:

  • You enjoyed your degree and want to pursue the subject further
  • Your chosen area of work requires this qualification
  • Or you believe a postgraduate qualification might make you more employable.

Further study can help you to discover the latest knowledge and trends in your chosen field and provide prospects to gain more skills.

Starting your own business

Do you have a business idea that you believe can take off and be successful? Now could be a time to put your plan into action. It may not be easy but if you have a comprehensive plan, and exceptional work ethic it could lead you down the road to becoming an entrepreneur. TargetJobs and Prospects have useful and insightful information on becoming a businessperson. 

Taking a gap year

By travelling around the world, you get to experience different cultures through various activities. This can improve your CV and develop your skills while thinking about your long-term plans.

Students taking a gap year

It’s a valuable experience that can bring an understanding of diversity to your place of work. If you want to find out what it is like to work abroad, take a look at GoinGlobal for international work experience opportunities.


Volunteering does not bring an income, but it is a valuable way to spend your time and help to test drive your career.

Volunteer serving food

In addition to it being a great use of your time, you will contribute to making positive changes, whilst expanding your professional network. This is something that can be extremely important for your future career goals.

Work seasonal jobs

Varied jobs can add to your CV and can be a fun way of diversifying your work experience. There are many seasonal jobs out there and if thought through carefully, they may lead to employment for a full year.

Work at SOAS

Be it an academic, research, or administration role, working where you studied can lead to further opportunities, as it will be familiar ground.

To explore these options, book a practice interview, or find out more about assessment centers, why not book an appointment (virtually or in-person) with the SOAS Careers Service. We’re open throughout the year, to help in any way we can. Email us at or if you’re on campus, come and say hello. We look forward to seeing you! Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram too!

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