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For the majority of students, Clearing is a positive experience, and provides a time for considered reflection about both the choices they are making regarding their course of study and where they want to be based for the next three years of their educational life.

Nida Iqbal joined SOAS in 2017 through the Clearing process, after declining the offers she held with five other universities.  She describes her experience of Clearing at SOAS:

What are you studying at SOAS?

“I am studying LLB Law Single Honours.”

What did you originally apply for and where?  

“I applied for French and Arabic at Oxford, Warwick, Exeter, Leeds and University of Central Lancashire.”

Why did you apply to SOAS through Clearing?

“I got all my offers and got an interview from Oxford, but I decided to change my course.  Also, I didn’t want to move out of London and that’s one of the reasons why I applied to SOAS.  SOAS appealed to me, because I really like the international approach of the modules that are taught for Law.”

How did you find the Clearing experience at SOAS? 

“The process was quite straightforward.  The person who took my call was very nice and informative.  I was sent an email the next day saying I had got the place.” 

Did you approach any other universities during this time?

“I also applied to City University and Royal Holloway who both gave me a place right there and then on the phone.”

How are you enjoying the course at SOAS?

“I love my degree.  It can be quite hectic and confusing at times, but it is very interesting and rewarding if you put in the effort.”

What’s it like being a student in London?

“Being a student in London comes in very handy as everything is easily accessible.  The university is local to all amenities.  One downside is that it can be really expensive sometimes.”

What advice would you give to other prospective students regarding Clearing?

“Some advice I would give to prospective students is to be sure about where they want to go.  It’s not all about league tables.  Look at the rankings for the subject you want to study.  Try and talk to continuing students, and look ahead and make sure that your second and third year modules are also appealing.”


Clearing at SOAS

SOAS has a number of vacancies available during Clearing and Adjustment for well qualified students hoping to study in a cosmopolitan academic environment on its central London campus.

Undergraduates discover a fascinatingly diverse, lively and close-knit community, and friendly fellow students who share an intellectual interest in the contemporary issues in which SOAS specialises.

Degree combinations in law, politics, economics, finance, business, management, the arts, humanities and languages provide many options for study, in either single-subject or two-subject (combined) degrees.  Additionally, more than 40% of undergraduate programmes offer the opportunity to spend a year studying in another country.



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