Society spotlight: SOAS Against Human Trafficking


Modern-day slavery is real.

Today more than 40 million people are victims of slavery (ILO). The exploitation of human beings includes, inter alia, forced marriage and prostitution, forced labour and human trafficking, within and across borders. This has  been proven evident in the latest reports on the migrant slavery in Libya.

SOAS Against Human Trafficking (SAHT) is a society which aims to raise awareness and fundraise for causes concerning slavery, human trafficking and migrant exploitation. We want to educate the student body and beyond about what constitutes the third largest organised transnational crime across the world.

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On 30 November, we hosted an event on the current situation pertaining to slavery in Libya. The panel and attendees discussed the protests that are now gaining momentum as well as methods in which we can stay informed and take action for this cause.

We will soon publish resources for students to stay up to date with the current situation and how to take action.

We believe that spreading awareness and to break the silence over the existence of human trafficking by getting people to talk are the first steps to fight modern slavery.

SAHT also acknowledge the fact that this phenomenon is part of our everyday life. Some of the industries which are highly responsible for modern slavery are the clothing and food sectors. It is therefore vital to check your “slavery footprints”.

We are currently in the process of planning events for next year. We will be hosting a fundraising event, and we have also talked about a work-shop which would focus on raising awareness on specific areas of human trafficking and getting people more involved.


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