Refugee scholarships: “SOAS is leading the way in creating access to higher education”


“After the success of the student led Education Beyond Borders campaign, SOAS has announced the introduction of seven fee waivers for asylum seekers and those with limited leave to remain.

In a political climate in which doors are closing on minorities and the displaced SOAS is leading the way in creating access to higher education for people who are socially and financially excluded. Without individual universities allowing free access, this group of people is locked out of both employment and education for up to a decade.

The SOAS Sanctuary Scholarships consist of one postgraduate and six undergraduate admissions for the next five years. The campaign has also seen the introduction of ‘Home’ fees as opposed to ‘International’ fees for people affected by forced migration.

The work continues…

“The SOAS Solidarity with Refugees and Displaced People Society along with the SOAS Alumni Office have launched a fundraising campaign to provide living costs for our scholars. The success of this campaign may well impact on the ability of people to take up the places that are offered to them, so please get involved.

It is imperative that our whole university works together in demonstrating meaningful solidarity by creating an inclusive and diverse space, that allows people to flourish both personally an academically.

We must collectively take a stance against social exclusion, racism and xenophobia and sit on the right side of history with ordinary people who are living through extraordinary times.”

This blog was authored by Amira Rady (BA International Relations and Development Studies) and Holly Buck (BA Anthropology and Development Studies)

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