Pancakes from around the world

Pancake day

Want to impress your friends or family this evening?

Well then, don’t fall back on the safe option – your ‘Nutella and banana’ or ‘sugar and lemon’ standard fair. Why not pull out all the stops and try some pancakes from around the world?

India: Uttapam

Uttapam, India pancakes

A dosa-like dish that’s made with blended batter of fermented rice and black lentils and mixed with spices and chopped onions. Get the recipe.

China: Cong you bing 

Cong you bing

Pan-fried pancakes — typically made from dough, not batter — that are somehow chewy yet flaky. A savoury option, you’ll often find served with a dipping sauce made from soy sauce. Get the recipe.

Japan: Okonomiyaki


Okonomiyaki – savoury pancakes – comes from the word okonomi meaning “What you want” and “Yaki” meaning grilled. It’s made with flour, egg, cabbage and a choice of whatever endless ingredients you want. Handy tip: go to Osaka to find the best of the best. Get the recipe.

Korea: Kimchijeon or Kimchi Pancakes

Flour pancakes with finely chopped kimchi and scallions. These spicy numbers will be the perfect accompaniment to a few hours of the Winter Olympics on telly later. Get the recipe.

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