Why you should do an online degree at SOAS

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Studying at SOAS doesn’t mean you have to move to London or even visit campus. We have over 3000 students registered on our online and distance learning programmes across a range of courses and departments.

Whether you are studying to advance your career or to explore a particular subject of interest, online and distance learning is a great way to improve your skills and knowledge and kick start your career. 

With an online degree, you have the flexibility to complete your studies from wherever you are, whenever you like. 

Why choose SOAS? 

Learning online may have become the norm this past year, but SOAS has a 20-year history of offering online and distance learning courses. In that time, SOAS has been recognised throughout the world for high standards, with a quality equal to courses taught on campus. 

“SOAS was top of my list, a prestigious university with an impeccable reputation, committed to quality education, and famous for its broad-based and diverse programmes. I eventually found SOAS’ reputation well-earned and well-deserved!” 

Nadine Abi Zeid Daou, MSc in Poverty Reduction: Policy and Practice

The specialist programmes have been designed to cater to you and are regularly updated to meet your professional needs. With over 3000 students registered on online and distance learning programmes, you’ll join a diverse community of professionals wanting to kick start their careers. 

Be in control of your learning

By choosing a distance learning programme, you have complete flexibility to study from anywhere in the world and alongside any other commitments.

Our programmes are taught 100% online through our virtual learning environment (VLE). Through the VLE you are able to access all the learning materials and resources you need, engage in discussion forums and submit your assignments. 

You will also be able to use a wide range of academic materials through the SOAS Library. All these resources can be accessed anytime and anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and access to a smart device or computer. 

Support from dedicated tutors

For each module, you will have a dedicated tutor who is a subject specialist. Your tutor will guide you through the units of the module and prepare you for the examination. 

You will be in regular contact with your tutor through forums and email, and they will support you through your time on the programme, which is exactly what happened for Sundeep:

 “They were not only knowledgeable about the field, insightful with their comments, engaging in the forums, but also very approachable. Their turnaround time for responding to emails needs to be applauded considering the time differences they encountered.”

Connect with others from around the world

SOAS University of London is a truly global university. In fact, in proportion to our size and numbers, we are one of the most international universities in the UK. 

A big part of the programmes is peer-to-peer learning. Discussion forums are a great way for you to connect with colleagues on your course and interact with individuals from around the world. 

Although studying alongside your peers, you may find they have different perspectives and outlooks due to the differences in geographical location, just as Lunita did:

“Having classmates from different backgrounds, many are currently working on relevant projects to the subject we study, is enriching my experience because we can share real-life experiences that complement the course material.” 

How far can an online degree take you?

Our programmes have been designed specifically to help you with your professional development. This means you can apply the knowledge and theory you learn to your place of work.

With six different departments of study, graduates on online and distance learning programmes have gone on to have careers in various sectors. 

Many of our students have furthered their careers after graduating, including Brian who used this qualification to get a senior position:

 “The qualification allowed me to get the job that I currently hold. Without it, I would not have been considered for the position. In the international development field, the MSc is a required qualification for more and more senior-level positions.”

How to apply

Our Online and Distance Learning programmes have different subject timetables, you can find the application deadlines and term dates here

If you want to find out more information about our Online and Distance Learning programmes, you can request a prospectus or head to our website to read more. 

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