SOAS leads the way with ‘No Detriment’ policy


Covid-19 has affected us all hugely over the past year – including university students up and down the country. SOAS is ensuring that its students are not at an academic disadvantage by leading the way for London universities in confirming a ‘No Detriment’ policy, reported by The Tab last week. SOAS is one of only two universities in the UK to implement such a policy (at time of publication).

What is it?

The ‘No Detriment’ policy was announced during the 19/20 academic year, in response to the mid-year Covid-19 outbreak and will continue to be implemented this year. The policy aims to ensure that the difficult situation is taken into account when it comes to students’ results. 

Rather than marking each piece of work in isolation, the policy allows either previously passed modules or the 40% threshold to assist with the marking criteria, which will be adjusted to take account of these exceptional circumstances. 

In addition, any student who fails assessments in this period, including dissertations, will be able to retake them at the next opportunity without penalty. 

The policy also negates the need for students to submit mitigating circumstances – although a simplified Mitigating Circumstances policy is still in place to request extensions for coursework submissions.

How are we supporting students?

In addition to the No Detriment policy, we are continuing to actively provide specialist academic support from our Library, Learning and Teaching Innovation (LLTI) team – who are running Success (One-to-One) Tutorials, conducted over Skype. You can find more information at the support from LLTI webpages.  

Our Student Advice and Wellbeing (SAAW) team are continuing to provide specialist guidance and support for students with long-term physical or mental health conditions, learning differences and neurodiverse conditions. In addition, they are also providing 1-1 wellbeing support – both of which can be accessed remotely.

The ‘No Detriment’ policy does not affect first year undergraduates or Foundation Year students, as first year and FY marks are not included in the classification of their degree. This policy will be kept under constant review throughout the rest of this academic year. 

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