Musician Nick Mulvey on studying music at SOAS

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Two time Mercury Prize nominated musician Nick Mulvey has spoken positively about his time at SOAS at an event organised at the institution in March.

“I loved it…being here. It was the broadest horizon I could find in music”

Speaking at the event, Mulvey said: “Even back then I was always about performance and composition. Things really started for me professionally whilst I was here in this way that was really organic.”

In remarks about the music industry, Mulvey advised budding artists to know their worth:

“As you enter something that feels very distant or unfamiliar, it’s very easy to not know your worth and sign the first thing that comes along.”

Who is Nick Mulvey?

Mulvey studied BA Music Studies and graduated in 2007. He went on to form the group Portico Quartet, along with three other SOAS alumni: Jack Wyllie (soprano and tenor saxophone), Duncan Bellamy (drums), and Milo Fitzpatrick (double bass). Mulvey left the band to forge a successful solo career – his album First Mind was nominated for the coveted Mercury Prize in 2014. He released his second album Wake Up Now on the 8th September 2017.

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