A new hope for Zimbabwe


Zimbabwe President-in-waiting Emmerson Mnangagwa has promised the country unity and fresh ideas after enduring 37 years of largely unfulfilled dreams under Robert Mugabe who was forced to resign on Tuesday. Mnangagwa has pledged to build a better Zimbabwe by providing much-needed jobs and mending relations with some of the world’s super powers.

“We grow our economy. We want peace in our country. We want jobs. We need the cooperation of our friends in Sadc. We need the cooperation of the continent of Africa. We need the cooperation of our friends outside the continent. That’s what we shall achieve.” Mnangagwa said in his  statement on Tuesday.

SOAS Professor of World Politics, Stephen Chan, said it was important for Mnangagwa to form a government of national unity.

Forming a new government

“I would like him to form a coalition… to put the best economic brains from both sides onto his front bench. By that I mean both (former Finance ministers) Tendai Biti and Patrick Chinamasa should be given economic planning roles.

The Zimbabwean economy is in a very deep hole. There is no quick fix. You don’t need politicians pretending they’re magicians. You need people who have earned some credibility from doing this job before.”

Hope for the future

Mnangagwa’s statement highlights that Zanu PF cannot transform Zimbabwe alone. It also speaks of the need to respect democracy, and suggests plans are in place to include the opposition in the new government.

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