Joint East Asian Studies Conference

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SOAS University of London hosted the Joint East Asian Studies Conference (JEAS) from 7-9 September 2016.

The conference is a triennial meeting held by the three academic associations, which represent East Asian Studies in the UK. These are the British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS); The British Association for Japanese Studies (BAJS); and The British Association for Korean Studies (BAKS).

The conference was co-organised by the SOAS Centre of Taiwan Studies and provided an opportunity for the dissemination of the latest research on East Asian Studies in various disciplines for academics from around the world.

The programme centred on five key themes: Aging and Demography; Memory and History; Identity; Transcultural Flows; and Geopolitics.

Keynote lectures included The Korean War and the East Asian Peace by Professor Charles Armstrong, Columbia University; Trans-East Asia as Method by Professor Koichi Iwabuchi, Monash University; and Restitution versus Treaty: Different Sovereignty Claims for the South China Seas by Professor Lin Ma-Hong, Academia Sinica.

SOAS is unique in the depth and breadth of its regional specialisation and the Department of the Languages and Cultures of China and Inner Asia and the Department of the Languages and Cultures of Japan and Korea at SOAS offer a comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

At undergraduate level, SOAS offers single subject degrees in BA Chinese (Modern and Classical); BA Chinese Studies; BA Japanese; BA Japanese Studies; BA Korean; BA Korean Studies; plus a combined honours degree in BA Tibetan.

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