The Importance of Self Love and Care

self care

In the month of Valentine’s Day, the conversation tends to be about love and care for spouses, family, and friends. It is important to be kind and loving, especially to our nearest and dearest. However, it is equally important that we are kind, caring and loving to ourselves. We should all practice self-care.

Here are my tops tips for self-care, especially during the month of love. So let this be a month of self-care!

Exercise to Lift Your Mood

This is a great way to boost your mood at stay fit. I’m not the biggest exercise fan, and it does take some mental persuasion before I get started, but I always feel much better after exercise.

A personal trainer gave me great advice recently. He said: “Don’t worry about what everyone else does, find the exercise that you like and start from there.” So I make time to go for a walk regularly, and I plan to build up to jogging eventually. During Wellbeing Week at SOAS, I took part in Chair Yoga which was a great way to fit in some exercise in between work meetings.

Make Time to Do Nothing

Schedule a specific time to do nothing! It is very easy to have information overload in today’s society, so I make time to log off, step back and do nothing for at least 30 minutes a day. This could be first thing in the morning or the last thing at night. I recommend making time to do nothing for peace of mind.

Be Kind to Yourself

I try to speak kind words to myself and not be too harsh if something does not go to plan or I am having a bad day. I always say to myself: “Just breathe! You’re only human!”

Have a Treat to Look Forward To

It’s important that you have a small treat to look forward to, whether a dessert at the end of the day, a movie at the end of the week, or a professional facial at the end of the month. I always try to have a treat booked in advance so that I can look forward to it. The key thing to remember with this one is that it should be a treat that you like. Don’t try to compromise or explain this to anyone. This specific treat only has to make sense to you!


Shantel Earle is an HR Business Partner for Professional Services. She has worked in the HR industry for 14 years in numerous roles and has been at SOAS for three years.

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