Haris Zargar


MSc Violence, Conflict and Development

“London is a very special city. For me it was welcoming right from the start. Having some of the best universities in the world, the city is built to cater to international students from different ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds. One doesn’t feel left out. But, it wasn’t until I entered the SOAS university campus that I realised my journey to experience something truly enriching has begun.

“The discussion wouldn’t cease even after the class was over”

“On the very first day, I began interacting with a group of students from Palestine, Luxembourg, Lebanon, Sweden and Turkey. As I was engaged in a discussion over the unfolding of events in Middle East and war in Syria, in that very moment I sensed the opening up of new doors. This space around me became a new window for me to the world. I was intrigued to know their perspective on global humanitarian issues, and how their understanding on same subject significantly varied.

“It was also quite interesting to experience how classwork was conducted and how evaluation was done to examine progress. After every lecture, students would be divided into small groups, which would discuss the lecture notes and express their opinion on the topic of study, whether they agreed or disagreed with the analysis underlined by the professor during his/her lecture. This exercise was very rigorous and encouraged students to critically analyse all the possible perspectives on any subject of debate. Interestingly, the discussion wouldn’t cease even after the class was over. Most students would take the debate informally to the student common rooms, library or even cafeterias. Studying became life, and everyone enjoyed every facet of it. Everything in the campus and outside it was about analysing the lecture note, critically examining reading material and endlessly debating the nuances of an issue.”

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