Global Translation Lectures

Global Translation Lectures

The Centre for Translation Studies (CTS) at SOAS has announced its Global Translation Lectures series for 2019-20.

Staying Sane as a Literary Translator

The season of lectures kicks off with “Staying Sane as a Literary Translator: Exploring Realistic and Unrealistic Expectations” by Polly Barton.

Polly studied MA in the Theory and Practice of Translation at SOAS and is now a translator of Japanese literature and non-fiction, and winner of the inaugural JLPP Translation Competition.

In her talk, Polly draws heavily on personal experience, exploring the pros and cons of working as a professional translator, and providing vital insights for anyone who is considering whether a career in translation is for them.

Date: 16 October, 3PM

The Jesuit, the Dominican and the Qur’an

In his lecture “The Jesuit, the Dominican and the Qur’an: Arabic Scholarship in Seventeenth-Century Catholic Europe”, Paul Shore explores different translations of the Qur’an, and the problems these translations encounter not just between languages but across religious divides.

Paul Shore is Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Regina and has written widely about the history of the Jesuits.

Date: 20 November, 3PM

Audio Description

Audio description is an additional narration track for visual media, including television, film, and performance and visual art.  The narration involves a translation of the visual image into an alternative sensory form.

Shak Yousaf outlines this process in his lecture, entitled “A Brief Introduction to Audio Description and our Workflows”.

Date: 4 December, 3PM

Centre for Translation Studies

The Centre for Translation Studies at SOAS has expertise in more than 40 Asian, African and Middle Eastern languages, and academic staff with knowledge of regional translation practice, theory and philosophy.

Careers in Translation

One of the largest employers of language professionals is the United Nations, which celebrates International Translation Day every year on the 30 September.

The UN recruits well-qualified translators; interpreters; verbatim reporters; précis writers; editors; and proofreaders, to fill present and future vacancies at its headquarters in New York; offices in Geneva, Nairobi and Vienna; and regional commissions in Addis Ababa, Bangkok, Beirut and Santiago.

Check out the UN website for career opportunities once you graduate.

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