Global connections: Politics, Philosophy and Economics at SOAS

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Political, philosophical and economic issues are all relevant to our world; past, present and future. It’s no surprise then, that Politics, Philosophy and Economics are all popular choices for students starting an undergraduate degree. 

Studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) together is nothing new – PPE courses have been available for many years, and their graduates sought after, precisely because of the courses’ interdisciplinary nature and the way in which they encourage critical thinking, comparison, and analysis. They may all seem very different – yet despite their distinctions, these subjects all have numerous connections and crossovers, and their respective contexts inform one another to allow for a deeper understanding of all three.

What most PPE degrees have in common, however, is that they focus on the Global North. Western-centric, these programmes often adopt a narrow approach, and centre themselves on the political, philosophical and economical concerns of only a small part of the world. 

PPE; Global
Look at the financial centres of the world.

But Politics, Philosophy and Economics are all global concerns: they impact upon and influence every country – not just those in the West. Failing to acknowledge their global nature is, in our eyes, not doing PPE properly.

The new PPE course at SOAS, however, puts the Global centre stage, looking at each discipline in conjunction, from a non-Western, cosmopolitan perspective. Here, we look at the disciplines together as they work in the real world – that is, truly internationally. Studying these three subjects in conjunction not only demonstrates the intimate connections between regions and disciplines, but also emphasises SOAS’s expertise in them. 

Explore politics on the global stage.

PPE at SOAS takes a holistic, applied approach, and the core modules of the degree reflect this. In addition to the core interdisciplinary PPE modules, students can choose to home in on one of the disciplines, take a regional focus, or choose language modules to really personalise their degree programme. Taught by world-class academics who are all experts in their fields, with particular focus on Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East, PPE at SOAS is like no other PPE programme in the world.

SOAS PPE graduates will develop skills in areas including critical thinking, project management, policy making, and analysis. Overall, graduates will be globally conversant individuals who are aware of the intricate and intimate connections between politics, philosophy and economics. Graduates will gain a holistic understanding of the global challenges we are facing – and know that for global challenges, we need a global perspective. With the PPE programme at SOAS, our students gain that invaluable and much-needed global perspective – whilst learning techniques to change the world.

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With thanks to the BSc PPE programme convenors, Sian Hawthorne , Satoshi Miyamura and Matthew Eagleton-Pierce for taking the time to speak to Marketing about the programme. 

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