‘For Hooyo and Abo… Mainly Hooyo’


Born in a little village, my parents made pilgrimage, and through the struggle of the desert they were awarded with this mirage, it will take me till I come of age to understand the struggle of those came before me and how they were pacified…

The night I realised I cried. Lied to again and again, it’s like the truth has been sucked out dry from my spirit, still I carried on, I anticipated change, old friends looked at me like I was deranged yet I wanted to be emancipated from these mental shackles, life long spectacles that have made me skeptical, but can you assert any blame my way for thinking this way?

I’ve lost shame years ago, it went along with long dried tears and fears. Once you reach my point you don’t long for liberty and equality, you start to comprehend the power paradigm and the prism ‘they’ have placed you in.

Faced with such hostility and I’m still attached to the city and all of its flaws, maybe it’s because it’s all that I know, and without it, I wouldn’t be able to flow…

My circumstances are no different to the millions that face this type of persecution, no need for presumptions on who I am speaking of, we all know who I speak for, I SAID WE ALL I KNOW WHO I SPEAK FOR, and the future is always looking bleak from my perspective, maybe it is time for me to concede and yet I still I have this urge to LIVE, this need to GIVE..

I truly do dwell in the abyss, and through this paradox I find my way to navigate through a system which is designed to keep people like me in check, furthermore I say they even have designated checkpoints for us. These are notions that need not be debated, it is clear as day, I would sway in my chair with cognac running through my blood and try negotiate with God to give me my share from this world, why is it that my kind are only promised the hereafter? Sacrilege! I know but I’m just tired of the unwarranted pillage…

Samer Ismail (AKA The Urban Nomad) is a poet and a recent graduate from SOAS with honours in BA African Studies and Politics. You can visit Samer’s website at theurbannomadpoetry.wordpress.com/

This blog is part of our Black History Month 2020 series, which celebrates black voices and achievements over time, and across the globe. The series features contributions from SOAS alumni, academics, and students. If you enjoyed this poem, take a look at The Urban Nomad’s other poems, ‘Breathing’, and ‘Heroes’.

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