Five SOAS podcasts you should be listening to


Plugging in headphones and popping on a podcast has been a saviour over the past few months of lockdown, when a short walk to escape the relentless working from home situation has been the highlight of the day.

But when you’re contemplating what series to get stuck into next, why not look a little closer to home? SOAS produces some fascinating podcasts – where you’ll not only learn a lot, but find out what’s going on at the institution and around the world. We’ve rounded up the top five SOAS podcasts which should be on your download list.

SOAS Leads the Conversation

With episodes on everything from Joe Biden to Brexit, to Covid-19 in Jewish communities, SOAS Leads the Conversation is a place to home in on topics that are relevant, topical and ripe for discussion and debate. The podcasts hosts expert conversations on current affairs with SOAS academics, students and alumni – as well as external guests and friends of the community – to give a unique SOAS insight into subjects affecting the world today.



China in Context

For all things China-related, tune in to China in Context, the weekly podcast created by SOAS’s China Institute hosted by expert in Asian affairs, Duncan Bartlett. China in Context provides expert analysis on politics, culture and international relations, featuring academics from SOAS. Whether you’re intrigued about what life is like for people who come from one child families, or have wondered what China’s ageing population means for its economic growth, this is the podcast for you.



The Caipirinha Appreciation Society Show

Not *technically* a podcast, but if a bit of music is more your thing, then this show on SOAS Radio will put a spring in your step. Featuring Brazilian music ranging from rural to urban, modern to traditional, this is Brazil beyond the cliches. The producers explain that ‘the Brazilian identity is the result of a long simmering of ethnic and cultural influences. Brazilian music is the utmost product of that melting pot.’ Tune in for good vibes.



Radio Research Forum

podcast Radio Research Forum

Although there’s only been one episode so far, this is one to watch. The Radio Research Forum promotes SOAS’s varied research output, giving listeners a taste of what groundbreaking projects are being undertaken by SOAS academics. The first episode sees Dr. Sian Hawthorne interviewing Dr. Rahul Rao about his new book, ‘Out of Time: The Queer Politics of Postcoloniality’. The Radio Research Forum is great for deep dives into the fascinating projects you never knew were being researched. Watch this space for future episodes.



Humanitarian Hub

podcast H-Hub

The SOAS Humanitarian Hub (H-Hub) is an online forum which aims to foster critical analysis and bring together different perspectives on humanitarianism, aid and conflict. As part of this conversation, the H-Hub hosts a regular blog, and a termly podcast series, the Humanitarian Hub podcast – tune in to hear a variety of voices, coming from academia, research, policy and community institutions and across geographical divides – talk all things aid and conflict.



Grab your headphones – and get listening.

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