Finance and Risk Management

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Dr Jeo Lee, Convenor of the Finance and Risk Management summer course is interviewed by Isabel Langdale:

Can you tell us about how you designed ‘Finance and Risk Management’ and what makes it distinctive from similar courses available at other summer schools?

Pasquale Scaramozzino, Professor of Economics at SOAS, initiated and designed the course as an introduction to the core principles of finance and risk management with a both strong theory and practice focus.  It is the most comprehensive course of its kind, being the only short course at degree level in the UK focusing on both the principles and practice of finance and risk management.

It facilitates challenging learning techniques, as students progress over three weeks with the three stages of the programme, to:

  1. Learn about principles and fundamentals of finance, capital markets, and risk management.
  2. Develop skills and models in financial derivatives.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of various models in finance and derivatives for understanding risk management practice, in particular, in relation to banking sector supervision.

The teaching team of the course are senior lecturers at the University of London, as well as financial practitioners and researchers with a focus on quantitative methods and applied financial theories.

What are some of the activities planned for this year’s summer school?

Learning in London, one of the largest international financial centres, is a great opportunity for all students of finance.  Students of this course will be introduced to the sector though field trips to both the London Stock Exchange and the Bank of England.  They will also participate in a workshop to simulate efficient market hypothesis (EMH) testing of investment trading.

Who is this course suitable for?

The skills and knowledge learnt from this course would help, in particular, students with a science background who wish to develop their route into postgraduate studies (e.g. ‘finance and risk management’ or ‘derivatives and risk analysis’) or for pursuing financial professions including investment banking, retail banking, and central banking as well as to attain jobs in law, management consultancy, and tax advisory.

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The Finance and Risk Management Summer Course, was devised by Professor Scaramozzino 

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