Festival of Ideas at SOAS

Festival of Ideas

Six Days
The SOAS Festival of Ideas runs from 19-24 October, and is both inspired by Achille Mbembe’s lectures on decolonising the university, and also builds upon the work of the Decolonising SOAS Working Group, which has been examining teaching, learning and research practice at SOAS.

Eight Themes
The Director of the SOAS Festival of Ideas is Dr Amina Yaqin, Senior Lecturer in Urdu and Postcolonial Studies at SOAS, and the exciting programme of events highlight eight themes, which tie in with some of the ground-breaking research taking place at SOAS.

• Climate Change: Global Voices
• Border Crossings: Refugees and Migrants
• Colonialism, Education and Sexualities
• History, Memory and Trauma
• Capital and Conflict
• Cross-Cultural Encounters
• Heritage and Repatriation
• Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Thirty-Six Events
With so many activities––panel discussions; film showings; lectures: workshops; and masterclasses––spread over the six days of the SOAS Festival of Ideas, there will be no shortage of opinions, information and initiatives to fuel interest and to stir debate.

A sample of the events taking place include:

20 October, 1PM
Climate Change and Global Voices
panel discussion with Drs Philippe Cullet, Feja Lesniewska and Thomas Tanner.

20 October, 5PM
#BlackLivesMatter Part 2 #BritainisnotInnocent
panel discussion looking at the history of the Black Lives Matter Movement.

21 October, 3PM
How to get Published
masterclass with Dr Somnath Batabyal and Jack Ramm

21 October, 5PM
Michaela Coel’s “I May Destroy You”
deep-dive discussion about the recent BBC drama, exploring issues of race, gender, and sexual consent.

22 October, 5PM
Poverty, Insecurity and Migration
Professors Laura Hammond, Alison Scott-Baumann, Jonathan Goodhand and Drs Aicha Belkadi and Sreya Banerjea discuss their research with particular reference to the Covid-19 crisis.

23 October, 1PM
Musical Heritage of the Kathmandu Valley
film screening and panel discussion.

24 October, 3PM
Decolonising: The Debate
An Oxford-style debate asking the question ‘Should we decolonise higher education?’

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