5 fashion essentials for Freshers’ Week

Freshers' SOAS 2017

Get ready for your first day at SOAS with these smart fashion planning tips.

1. Comfortable trainers

You might want to look smart for your lectures, preparing for that professional you, but more likely you’ll be waking up with 10 minutes till class. Get your footwear range ready for some short sharp sprints across campus.

Freshers' SOAS 2017

2. Dungarees

Running on three hours sleep and last nights stained t-shirt as the best option – dungarees provide a great cover. Throw them over a plain t-shirt and your secrets are hidden to the world with a nice hint of style to boot.

3. Dressing gown

Days indoors and deep pockets filled with astro belts. When the heating gets a little low these are a student accommodation must have.

Freshers' SOAS 2017

4. Shoulder bag

Stylish on the outside, yet what lies beneath? Not only will you have your days supply of books and notes, but don’t forget the delicious sausage roll and Red Bull that you might want to keep hidden out of sight.

Freshers' SOAS 2017

5. Flip flops

It may seem a strange concept to be buying flip flops when moving to a UK city with winter on the way, but the second you step in that shared bathroom you’ll be coming back to thank us.

Freshers' SOAS 2017

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This blog was originally published on YON.

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