EU referendum: SOAS proud to be a globally-connected institution

View of the Houses of Parliament from the London Eye © Qijing He

SOAS University of London has issued a statement regarding the recent Brexit vote:

“Our Director was vigorous and robust in her support for continued membership of the EU. Membership has benefits for UK Higher Education and for our staff and students who come from the UK, a range of countries in the EU and other parts of the world. We have students from over 130 countries on our campus and staff from over 90 countries.

“Britain’s vote to leave the EU is a challenge to the whole international system. SOAS’s research and teaching is at the core of thinking about what a future world will look like, how to build bridges across communities and cultures, and how to reverse the current tide towards separatism. Our work is even more important now.

“We have contacted all students and staff at SOAS, including those from other EU countries and reassured them that the vote does not alter their immediate immigration status, funding or studies at SOAS.

“We will continue to make the best of a difficult and uncertain situation – the same situation which all universities in the UK now find themselves in. We will continue to keep our community updated on the next steps as the process to facilitate exit becomes clearer.

“We support the role of UUK in engaging with government and other organisations as key decisions are made in the next few months.

“We will continue to welcome students from other EU countries to study at SOAS and staff to work here. We intend to continue to play a full and active role in the EU and in the wide range of student and staff mobility programmes. We will continue to deliver the research we are undertaking as part of EU projects and as partners in EU-funded programmes.

“Our connections around the world both inside and outside the EU are a vital part of the identity and purpose of SOAS. We will work to continue to strengthen these: indeed, the referendum decision makes this more, not less important.”

SOAS remains at the forefront of producing innovative undergraduate degree programmes in Politics, International Relations and Economics, amongst many others. SOAS degrees provide students with a uniquely global and comparative approach to the study of the social sciences, and SOAS students complete their degree equipped with the knowledge to understand, comment upon, and effect contemporary world events.

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