Clearing and Adjustment: it’s easy when you know how

Clearing and Adjustment

Did you know that last year almost 65,000 students found their place at university through Clearing and Adjustment?

To be sure, many of these students went through the process because their final grades fell short of what they had hoped for, but that is by no means the only reason. Some students decide to apply last minute; others find a programme of study that is more suited to the career they aspire to.

For those students who find that they have exceeded their predicated grades, then Adjustment offers you the opportunity to apply elsewhere.

Whatever the reason, there are a few fundamental things you need to know to ensure you navigate the process in as stress-free a way as possible.


Coming to SOAS through Clearing

Well, first of all you need to find the programme that’s right for you.

Remember, you are making a decision about a subject or combined degree that you will be studying for a number of years. So make sure it is something you want to do. Choosing a degree just because you think you have a good chance of being accepted is very obvious to Admissions Tutors.

All our undergraduate degrees are available on our website. SOAS has a wide range of options, including: Anthropology, Development Studies, Economics, Finance, Law, Music, Politics and many more.

Students in England will collect their A-level results on Thursday 17 August, while students in Scotland will be able to pick them up on Tuesday 8 August.

For anyone applying prior to 17 August, email with your certificates and transcripts.

Make sure you include a short personal statement, the focus of which should be on why you want to study the programme you are applying for as well as why you would like to study it at SOAS.

Include your UCAS ID number if you have it.

Let us know if you have applied to SOAS before. And if you are holding an offer at another university, tell us that too.

During the main clearing period from A-level results day on 17 August, we will run a telephone hotline which you will be able to call to make an application for one of the programmes for which we have vacancies. The number will be on our website in due course.

“Last year almost 65,000 students found their place at university through Clearing and Adjustment”

Coming to SOAS through Adjustment

Students considering this path will have to register for adjustment through UCAS Track.

What is UCAS Track? 

UCAS Track is an online service which is used to make UCAS undergraduate applications.

Once you have registered, you can follow the same steps as for Clearing above.

Once you send your application, you can see how it is progressing by signing into the online system.

Visit us

If you wish to come and take a look at SOAS before making your final decision, then join us for one of our campus tours.

Simply head to our reception in the main SOAS building on Wednesdays and Fridays at 2pm.

Wherever you choose to study, we wish you the best of luck!



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