Civil servants from Bangladesh attend 10-day training course at SOAS

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“The course was up to date and contains the latest data”

“Sessions were very lively and participatory”

“Immensely enjoyed the interactive nature of the course”

These were some of the comments from participants who attended a 10-day executive education course led by SOAS’ School of Finance and Management.

Civil Servants from the Economics Relations Division of Bangladesh’s Ministry of Finance were welcomed to SOAS on 16 September 2019 for a bespoke course entitled “Contemporary challenges in public sector management: financial management, technological change and the Sustainable Development Goals.”

Twenty participants attended the robust and engaging training programme, which aimed to provide an in-depth understanding of public sector management in the context of a rapidly changing world. Via presentations, group exercises and case studies, the delegates developed their understanding of negotiation and communication, public sector finances, change management and more.

Dr Alberto Asquer and Dr Gary Schwarz from SOAS’s School of Finance and Management collaborated with the Knowledge Exchange team to devise a programme – which included Dr Hanns Kendel from SOAS’s Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy (CISD)  and expertise from outside academia – in line with the ERD’s needs. The School has developed a thorough understanding of the civil service in various countries from decades of close working with developing economies.

Members of the group praised the learning environment and support provided by SOAS. SOAS was pleased that all the candidates felt that the combination of practical and theoretical content prepared them be more effective in their jobs in the future, formulating better policy and delivering better service to make a real difference in Bangladesh. The course leaders at SOAS found the group to be a great pleasure to teach and said they learned a lot from the time spent together.

Pro-Director (International) Professor Stephen Hopgood and AXA Professor in Global Finance Professor Victor Murinde presented the group with certificates at a ceremony held on their final day.

The group was the first cohort in what is to be a continuing engagement between the ERD and SOAS: this year a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two organisations in order to acknowledge our shared goals in capacity building and commitment to exploring further opportunities for combining resources and expertise. We look forward to continuing to work together in what will surely be a mutually beneficial collaboration.


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