A Black Feminist Approach: A Q&A with SOAS Alumni Minna Salami

Ms. Afropolitan Minna Salami

Minna Salami is an inspiring SOAS alumni, graduating with a distinction from the Centre for Gender Studies for her thesis on African feminisms. She is the author of triple-award winning blog Ms Afropolitan, activist, lecturer, keynote speaker and journalist. With her Nigerian, Finnish and Swedish roots she has a unique voice which integrates European heritage with a profound expression of rich African philosophical traditions.

Minna’s professional credentials are endless. She has been listed alongside Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama as one of 12 women changing the world by ELLE Magazine. She is a contributor to the Guardian, BBC, CNN, The Independent, Al Jazeera, The New Internationalist and many other publications. She is a regular columnist for the Guardian Nigeria and the host of a monthly philosophy book club at Waterstones.

As a lecturer and keynote speaker, Minna has spoken at over 200 universities, cultural events and conferences, on five continents. She has presented talks at some of the world’s most prominent institutions such as the UN, EU, The Oxford Union, The Cambridge Union and The Singularity University at NASA, and discussed #MeToo with Germaine Greer, Afropolitanism with Paul Gilroy and global feminism with Nawal El Saadawi. In addition, Minna has consulted with governments on gender equality and has curated events at The Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

In March this year, Minna published her new book Sensuous Knowledge, which proposes ‘A Black Feminist Approach for Everyone’. Within her subtitle lies a clue to her authenticity. Beyond her exposure of the insidious injustices of, what she terms, our “Europatriarchal” society, she embodies and envisions of what can unite us in order to “build back better” in the interests of all human beings. 

Minna will discuss her book’s approach to understanding ourselves, our relationships with others and our environments on Friday 10 July 2020 at 5:30pm, in a Q&A session hosted by DiEMTV Goes Local.

Minna Salami

She will provide a unique perspective on colonial capitalism, anti-racism, feminism, sexuality, environmental justice, African culture and apply this to how we see ourselves, each other and our environments today.

Minna’s approach can offer solutions during this critical moment whereby cracks have been exposed in our destructive socio-economic system by catastrophic weather events, the COVID-19 pandemic and environmental and social justice movements from XR to Black Lives Matter. The ravages of colonial capitalism propped up by our globalised system of the pursuit of economic growth and material consumption at the expense of the most vulnerable livelihoods could not be clearer. The event will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube. Do tune in — this is not to be missed.

Hope Carpenter is a postgraduate student at SOAS studying MSC Environment, Politics and Development. She is a communications volunteer for DiEM25UK.

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