8 Inspirational People to Follow This International Women’s Day

International Womens Day

This International Women’s Day, take the opportunity to update your follow list with this selection of inspiring people you may not know.

Hannah Ajala

Hannah Ajala is a UK-based journalist at the BBC who founded We Are Black Journos, a resource which aims to celebrate and aid black journalists in entering the journalism and media industry. Alongside her work here, she also runs her own tourism company, runs her own podcast and has advocated for research into SARS in Nigeria. 


Emily Maxwell

Emily is the artistic director and Founder of The Disability Collective, a non-profit which celebrates disability in the arts. Her Disability Writes Project showcases work from artists with disabilities and involves workshopping with other up-and-coming creatives. 


Eccie Newton

Eccie is the CEO and Co-Founder of Karma Kans and Karma Kitchen, a startup that delivers healthy lunches to offices and provided shared cook spaces throughout London. Along with her co-founder and sister, Eccie founded this company within the same year she graduated from LSE. 


Alok Vaid-Menon

Alok is a performance artist and influencer who uses creative thought to advocate for gender and sexuality equality and explore themes of trauma and racism. They have previously been recognised for the Live Works Performance Act Award in 2017. Alok champions gender-neutral fashion and beauty products, having designed three gender-neutral fashion collections. Likewise, much of their performance art has revolved around gender equality and looking past the supposed gender binary.


S3x Theory with Demi

Demi is an accredited RSHE educator who uses their social platform to advocate and educate the masses on sex and gender theory. As an influencer, Demi’s experiences are often at the heart of their posts, and they make the constant effort to ensure inclusivity in each post. 


Katie Porter

Katie is a Congress Woman in California who has previously specialised in both commercial and consumer law. Katie uses her background in law to rigorously question others during congressional hearings to highlight other official’s hypocrisies. While not exactly “up-and-coming”, Katie is a lesser-known Congress Woman which is why I chose to include her on the list.


Minna Salami

Minna, fellow SOAS alumni, is a feminist author and creator of MsAfropolitan, a blog that centres on the experiences of Africans around the world as well as Black feminism.  Her work explores themes such as the empowerment of writing and de-centring whiteness within black liberation campaigns. 


Lavinya Stennett

Lavinya, another fellow SOAS Alumni, founded The Black Curriculum, a social enterprise developed to deliver teacher training and Black history programmes to combat the lack of Black British history within the UK Curriculum. She believes that challenging the Eurocentricity of schools across the UK is vital in reshaping our understanding of colonial history. 


Ruby Punt is a SOAS Digital Ambassador, pursuing her MA in Comparative Literature. When she isn’t studying Korean or Mandarin, she’s likely working on her next project for the SPA or on her blog Toward the Horizon. Find her on Twitter: @punt_ruby, Instagram: @Ruby.Punt, LinkedIn: @RubyPunt.


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