7 pancake recipes from around the world

japan pancakes

For Pancake Day, ditch the lemon and sugar and try these pancakes from around the world. If you’re not keen on cooking, head to Instagram to see our digital ambassadors make their very own.

China: Jian Bing | 煎饼

Often sold as a popular breakfast at street stalls, Jian Bing is similar to a crepe and usually topped with crackers and different sauces. It is cheap and usually eaten on the go. If you fancy making it at home, here is a recipe to follow.

India: Uttapam | उत्तपम

A type of dosa from South India, Uttapam is a thick blend of fermented rice, black lentils, spices and chopped onions. Get the recipe.

Middle East: Qatayef | قطايف

A dessert often served during the month of Ramadan, this folded pancake/dumpling is filled with cream or nuts, sugar and cinnamon. It is served with hot sugar syrup or honey. Here’s a recipe.

Japan: Dorayaki |どら焼き

Dorayaki is a sweet and fluffy Japanese pancake often filled with red bean paste. This is the manga and anime character Doraemon’s favourite food…we can see why. Follow this recipe.

Malaysia: Apam Balik

Apam Balik is a sweet pancake popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei. It is a peanut pancake turnover often with a buttery, sugary and peanut filling (but there are other fillings available). The thickness of the batter is of personal preference but when it’s cooked, it’s folded in half. Apam Balik is popular street food for late afternoons. Make your own.

Morrocco, Tunisia, Algeria: Msemen | مسمن

This thick flatbread is usually made up of a series of thin overlapping layers of dough folded onto each other and often stuffed with vegetables or meat. It is common as breakfast in Northwest Africa and is served alongside honey, mint tea and coffee. Clarified butter is the key ingredient for this one! Make it at home.

Korea: Kimchijeon or Kimchi Pancakes | 김치전

Here’s a pancake that is hot, spicy, crispy, sweet, sour, and salty. What’s not to love? Here’s the recipe.

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