5 Places to Eat Lunch in the Sun Around SOAS

Lunch in the sun

With all the beautifully warm weather we’ve been blessed with lately, there’s nothing better than enjoying some delicious food outside while soaking up the sun. But, sometimes, it can be hard to decide where to go with all the options around SOAS. So, if you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of my go-to places to eat outside.

1. Caffe Tropea

A great Italian cafe right in the middle of Russell Square. It has lots of tables outside in the park and indoor seating if it gets too cold or windy. On warm days, I would recommend getting some gelato.

Caffe Tropea and the view of Russell Square from one of the tables outside

2. Momo’s Garden Cafe

It’s a park cafe at Gordon Square with only a few tables, but you can sit on one of the many park benches if they’re all taken. It’s a quiet place that offers a peaceful break from the city’s bustle. For such a small place, they provide a good amount of options, including soups, sandwiches, salads and cakes, and coffee or cold drinks.

Momo’s Garden Cafe

3. The Square in front of Euston Church (Lever and Bloom/El Jugo Bar/Falafel Stall)

These three stalls are located in the square between SOAS and Euston Church. As it’s only a minute away from SOAS, it’s perfect if you have limited time between lectures to get a quick lunch. El Jugo Bar has a few tables or plenty of benches to sit on.

Lever and Bloom offer delicious coffee with cinnamon and Nutella rolls, while the falafel stall next to it has excellent wraps. El Jugo Bar is a good option if you’re looking for a healthier pick-me-up, and you can choose the combination of fruits you want in your smoothie or milkshake.

The cinnamon and nutella buns at Lever and Bloom. A banana-raspberry-yoghurt smoothie from El Jugo Bar. The square in front of Euston Church.

4. Thursday Farmers’ Market

One of the highlights of my Thursdays is having lunch at the Farmers’ Market before my 2 pm tutorial. The name is a bit deceptive as it’s more of a world cuisines fair than a farmer’s market! There are sweet and savoury crepes, Greek food, baked pastries, fresh pasta, and more! I haven’t tried all the stalls yet, but I’ve particularly enjoyed the chicken katsu for lunch and a red velvet brownie cheesecake for dessert from the stall next to it.

The chicken katsu with fries. The red velvet brownie cheesecake.

5. Whitfield Gardens

Whitfield Gardens is a square with seats and a view of a colourful mural, 5 minutes away from SOAS. There are takeaway places around it, such as Hiba for Lebanese cuisine or PaStation for Italian. PaStation has a 20% student discount, while Hiba has a lunchtime meal deal that consists of a salad, wrap and drink. Vantra Eden offers a vegan selection of food for vegans, including mushroom curries and non-dairy milkshakes. Also, on weekdays until 3 pm, there’s an international food market with a few stalls including Thai and Spanish food.

Whitfield Gardens. PaStation, right next to Goodge Street tube station.Vantra Eden, for vegans. Hiba’s lunchtime meal deal.

Have a nice sunny lunch!

Agustina Villalba is a Digital Ambassador currently studying for a BA in Social Anthropology.

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