15 reasons to study at SOAS by our students and academics

SOAS campus London

SOAS University of London is a truly unique institution, offering courses that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere, and taught by world-class experts. On top of that, our campus is in the heart of London — one of the best cities to be a student. This is all very well – but what really matters is the thoughts and opinions of those who know SOAS best – our students and academics. They told us what makes SOAS so great.

1. SOAS gives you a critical perspective.

2. SOAS teaches you to think freely.

3. SOAS is not just about learning.

4. It’s a place to meet other free thinkers.

5. Some of our former students never leave SOAS.

6. Sometimes SOAS leads to love.

7. SOAS teaches students to make the world a better place.

8. The best thing about SOAS? The people.

9. SOAS does what other universities can’t.

10. What you learn at SOAS stays with you for life.

11. Students from all over the world call SOAS home.

12. Long-lasting friendships are made at SOAS.

13. Former students are fighting inequality – using what they learnt at SOAS.

14. Our Library is epic.

15. Together, we make SOAS one of the best universities in the world. #WeAreSOAS.

Let us know what you think makes SOAS such a great place to study using #WeAreSOAS.

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